Tools That We've Developed...

TrackLite - Trouble Ticket and Asset Management Web Application
TrackLite is a lightweight bugtracking and asset management web application. TrackLite uses either Microsoft SQL server or MySql and utilizes email notifications, reminders, as well as ticket reporting. We developed TrackLite for our own internal bugtracking and gave it to one of our clients for free. For more info, please contact us.

Trifid Watchdog Services
Trifid Watchdog Services is a framework and API for deploying enterprise "watchdogs" to monitor things such as disk space, resource usage, or anything that needs to be on your radar. Based on various triggers or thresholds that you specify, notices will are sent to the appropriate people. The watchdog service is an IT administrator's best friend.

YART - Yet Another Reporting Tool, a.k.a. "Rover"
We needed a reporting tool that could process XML-based report definitions, generate PDF, Excel, or HTML reports, allow for deep customization via an API, automated emailing, and scheduling. Different instances of Rover can also be deployed about the enterprise, all of which communicate their status back to a central hub for monitoring. They also needed to be able to receive web service requests to interactively generate reports. So we wrote one... For more info, please contact us.

Netseer - A Network Visualizer
Netseer is a Trifid Software utility that displays a real-time graphical view of other computers and network devices connected to your computer. An image of the protocol (if it is known) represents a connection. You can right-click on the window to view source/destinaion IPs, data (if available). A radar-like needle sweeps the main window continously updating the screen. You can specify different types of logging as well. In our not-so-copious spare time, we will make available an updated version of this tool - check back with us in the future! For more info, please contact us.