Custom Software Development...

What kind of software is there?
There is software that you can open up out of the box, install on your computers, and simply start using it. But what about the kind of software that uniquely defines your business, provides your company with a definitive edge in the market? And what about those manual processes that drain time and money from the business, taking people away from more productive tasks?

Case Study 1
A colleague of ours sent us an email asking if we could write a simple utility to move tens of thousands of files from an old file server onto a SAN while preserving or creating entirely new, with a deeply nested heirarchical directory structure. They had tried this with Windows Explorer and other tools but the server simply froze during the process. Within a few days we delivered the utility, which contained features that we knew would also be helpful in addition to the core functionality. The utility worked very successfully.

This enagement led to a discussion with the CEO about converting their manual sales ordering system to a web-based system that could serve a global sales force. We developed that system, built an order-tracking module, and integrated it with a new ERP system that replaced a legacy Wang system. The company saved a lot of money as a result of the new system.

Case Study 2
A customer of ours made a significant investment in a light manufacturing software system. The system was critical to their success, and proved very beneficial to the business... but it was an enterprise island. The system needed to integrate with their other systems. It needed to share data, notify key departments with emails, and much more...

Our customer reviewed the problem with us, we listened to the details of the problem, and we developed a solution that not only met those needs, but also solved other problems that had not yet come to light.