About Us...

Mike Thompson-Renzi, Co-Founder and CTO
Mike Renzi is a software architect, a technologist, and excels at focusing abstract concepts into a coherent design. 'To see the forest for the trees' aptly describes his approach toward projects. Mike utilizes that same focus to pursue his avid interest in astronomy, having built his own robotic observatory, and fabricated his own telescopic mirrors. Mike likes to harness his passion for astronomy toward photometric studies of variable stars, super novae and asteroid/comet searches, as well as for astrophotography. His web site, the Starhoo Observatory is where you can find his latest astronomical discoveries.

Janna Renzi, Co-Founder and CEO
Janna Renzi has distinguished herself in a successful career as a software developer and project lead. Her keen talent for understanding the finer details about business and functional requirements is not lost on our customers. Janna's experience spans many technologies and application models, including insurance, and enterprise business applications. Notably, her level of expertise with Oracle and MS SQL Server, and other relational databases, is exceptional and of great value to our customers. When not brightening our projects with her keen mind, Janna spends time gardening, walking Chloe, her German Shepard, and trying to lower her handicap on the links.