W  hat We Do...

Software Development
Sometimes a business problem requires a custom software solution. Whether it's an e-commerce site or a system that has still to be invented based on your functional requirements, we can build it for you.

System Integration
We provide software development and systems integration services - for the web, mobile applications, thick client or thin depending on your needs; vertical industries and general business. At the center of most companies there's usually one or more enterprise-wide systems (ERP for example). Whether you have an existing system or are considering moving toward a new system, we can help in your decision process. We have particular experience with Microsoft Dynamics products.

Technology Consulting
We provide strategic advice about IT technologies, such as implementing ERP systems, boosting your IT infrastructure and providing performance analysis and tuning. Technology paradigms come and go, and we realize the importance of looking beyond the buzz and into the true factors that should govern which direction to proceed when it comes to choosing the right technologies. We consider open source solutions versus commercial packages - open source is often a good choice, but by no means is it always so. Quite often, one has to consider function, performance, and scalability in such decisions. With a solid foundation of technical expertise coupled with practical considerations for your business, we include these factors in our thought process.

Project Management
Over the years we have lead and managed software devlopment/implementation projects. Our experience ranges from simply being the project manager and coordinating team efforts to direct involvement with the design, development, and implementation of a project. We are able to scale our skills and experience to accommodate the scope of small, medium and large projects by applying leverage to the appropriate touchpoints for a given project.